Who We Are


Pastor Terry Frazier has been involved in ministry since he committed his life to God in October of 1981. He received his bachelor’s degree from Trinity Theological Seminary and is a graduate of Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The first nine years of his ministry were spent working with young people and he still has a great passion for teens.

In September of 1994 Pastor Frazier and his family founded Liberty Foursquare Church in the neighborhood he grew up in. Pastor Terry’s great love for people is absorbed by our church members and has become the hallmark of our church. He was born and raised in the Detroit area and loves the city. His gift is teaching the Word of God. He does this with great passion and clarity. He has a vision to see people trained to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.

He has been happily married to his wonderful wife Lynne since 1986. Together they have two sons, Sterling and Spencer, who actively serve in the ministry. He is often seen at Comerica Park cheering his beloved Tigers. He enjoys all sports and, in his limited spare time, officiates for high school teams. Pastor Terry’s calling is to keep the passionate pursuit of the presence and power of God alive in the church.

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In its most simple form, our vision is to love God, love people and transform lives.

Liberty is a unique place where every person is special and precious. We believe God’s love changes lives. We try to be sensitive to you, but not at the expense of being insensitive to the Holy Spirit. We look to build people and let God build the church. We seek substance through the richness of God’s Word. Our messages are relevant, often humorous, and always powerful. Our worship is a genuine, passionate pursuit of the miraculous presence of God.


Liberty Foursquare Church believes in…

• The Bible as the inspired Word of God
• The fall of man through his willful act of disobedience
• Salvation only through the free grace of God
• Repentance from sin and the acceptance of Christ for justification
• The new birth experience that takes place in ones heart at the time of conversion
• Water baptism by immersion as a symbol of the inward work of salvation
• The commemoration of the Lord’s Supper
• The baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues
• The absolute deity of the Lord Jesus Christ
• Divine healing through the power of God
• The second coming of Christ and the final judgment of God
• Heaven as the eternal home of believers, and eternal death for all who reject Christ


• God: A passionate, Spirit-filled environment that produces the presence of God
• Bible: We focus on teaching the Words of God and not our opinions
• Family: United together with sincerity, real transparency, and positive attitudes
• Outreach: Taking the love of God to the needs of our community
• Integrity: Training people to represent God in a way that will lead others to Him
• Growing: Commitment to personal growth through accountability, teaching and relationships
• Teamwork: Finding opportunities to fulfill people, not people to fulfill opportunities
• Creativity: Using changing visual methods and technology to convey an unchanging message
• Enthusiasm: Exhibiting the joy of God in the midst of a discouraging world
• Vision: Striving to be great people doing great things for God


Liberty Foursquare Church was founded on September 11, 1994 by Pastor Terry & Lynne Frazier. We began by renting space at Baker Middle School in Troy. After three years, we moved into a church building in Royal Oak that was owned by the Foursquare Church. As we continued to grow we looked for a larger facility that would provide more space for our vision. We moved to our current facility in Warren in 2001. Once our roots were established we began to take ownership of our community. In 2004, we began to host an annual Summerfest outreach in Warren which reaches thousands of people in need. In 2007 Pastor Frazier began to be featured annually at National Day of Prayer festivities at City Hall, and has twice been invited to pray at the state capitol. In 2010 we began a weekly food pantry through a partnership with Forgotten Harvest that feeds hundreds of families in need. In 2013 our growth prompted us to begin two services with the goal of building a new facility soon.